Woman Files Suit Against Murfreesboro, Rutherford County 10 Years After Guilty Plea - Articles

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Posted by: Katharine Heriges on Dec 6, 2018
A woman who pleaded guilty to aggravated child abuse more than 10 years ago has filed a lawsuit against the Murfreesboro Police Department and Rutherford County claiming that she was forced to take a plea deal, The Daily News Journal reports. Catherin Funk-Vaughn, who pleaded guilty to felony aggravated child abuse and neglect in 2007, filed a federal lawsuit on Nov. 28 seeking $9.9 million. Her 2007 plea agreement stated she had to serve three years of diversion rather than serving time in jail, which involved joining a rehabilitation program. She also lost rights to her children after a doctor said she was incompetent to raise her children due to her narcissistic personality disorder.