Planned Parenthood and Others Face Accusations of Mistreating Pregnant Employees - Articles

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Posted by: Chelsea Bennett on Dec 28, 2018

Planned Parenthood and four other organizations that serve or cater to women have been accused of engaging in discriminatory practices against potential and current pregnant employees, The New York Times reports. Employees from four states claim that Planned Parenthood managers in certain locations declined to hire pregnant job applicants and declined break requests from pregnant employees. Additionally, some employees were forced out of their position following child birth. Natera, a company that sells genetic tests for pregnant women, has been accused of demoting employees while on maternity leave. CNN adds to the story that beauty company Avon, hailed as “the company for women,” has been sued by two cosmetics-testing lab employees with claims that they were forced to handle toxic chemicals while pregnant. The law firm Mehri & Skalet faces accusations that Cyrus Mehri, a founding partner, mistreated three female lawyer employees. One claims she was pressured to return to work from her maternity leave earlier than planned, while another alleges that she was fired following her request to delay her performance review while she was on leave.