Tennessee's Process for Handling Disability Applications Stirs Controversy - Articles

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Posted by: Jarod Word on Jan 8, 2019

The way Tennessee physicians earn money by reviewing disability claims is stirring controversy, The Tennessean reports. There are currently about 50 doctors statewide who review disability applications, for which they receive a flat rate payment on each claim filed. Detractors feel that this incentivizes the physicians to speed through the review process because how much they earn depends on how fast they work. The article notes one doctor in particular who earned $420,000 for reviewing the disability applications of 9,088 Tennesseans during the 2018 fiscal year, averaging 12 minutes on each case. 80 percent of the cases reviewed by this doctor were denied. Tennessee has among the highest denial rates for disability applicants, rejecting 72 percent of all claims in 2017 compared to the national average of 66 percent.