Memphis Attorneys Keep Clothes on Hand for Clients Who Cannot Afford Dress Attire - Articles

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Posted by: Jarod Word on Jan 10, 2019

The Shelby County Public Defender’s Office has taken a novel approach to criminal defense, maintaining a closet of clothing for defendants who cannot afford dress attire to wear in court, The Commercial Appeal reports. On whether what a defendant wears to court matters, attorney and supervisor for Shelby County Public Defender’s Office Gregg Carman said that "It probably shouldn’t. But jurors can’t always set aside appearance. As soon as a client walks into a courtroom with a jury, that jury is making judgments about them from the way they present themselves, whether it’s their demeanor their attitude, their walk, or their clothing, their hairstyle." The Shelby County District Attorney General's office also has a clothes closet for victims and witnesses, but declined to comment on the story.