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Posted by: Jarod Word on Jan 23, 2019

Franklin resident and best-selling author of the Dark-Hunter series Sherrilyn Kenyon filed a lawsuit this month in Williamson County Circuit Court accusing her husband, Lawrence R. Kenyon II of poisoning her food and intentional interference with business relationships, The Washington Post reports. Kenyon alleges that she would often become sick and frequently choked after being served meals by her husband, in what she calls a "Shakespearean plot” against her. The novelist said that she had her blood, nails and hair examined for toxins after her husband filed for divorce last year and that the tests revealed high levels of lithium, tin, barium, platinum and thorium. Lawrence Kenyon II, who is a former lawyer with the EEOC, said that “these astonishing and unsubstantiated allegations may stand as her best fantasy creation yet,” and that the story was concocted the story to outmaneuver him in ongoing divorce proceedings. The Williamson County Sheriff's Office is investigating the allegations.