Following Federal Court Ruling, Legislature Takes on Driver's License Suspensions - Articles

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Posted by: Katharine Heriges on Jan 24, 2019
Amid appeals by the state to a federal judge's ruling that driver's licenses cannot be suspended due to a person's inability to pay court costs or traffic ticket fines, the Tennessee General Assembly is poised to take up the issue this year during session, The Commercial Appeal reports. Two Memphis Democratic lawmakers have introduced legislation related to the reinstatement of driver's licenses, one to require courts to allow defendants to prove their inability to pay and another to add reinstatement centers in urban areas. Rep. Larry Miller said he filed his bill to change the law to prohibit the state from being able to suspend or revoke licenses for nonpayment, while Sen. Katrina Robinson's bill would allow a county of 900,000 people or more to establish its own driver's license reinstatement center.