Parents Sue Rutherford County Schools Over Sexual Misconduct Towards Special Needs Student - Articles

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Posted by: Katharine Heriges on Jan 24, 2019
A new lawsuit is claiming that the Rutherford County Board of Education failed to protect a non-verbal student with autism from sexual harassment from an employee, The Daily News Journal reports. The complaint, which only identifies the boy and his parents by their initials to protect their privacy, was filed Jan. 17. Court documents say the eighth-grader has "suffered a torrent of avoidable injuries through Rutherford County's neglect and indifference to his care." The suit claims that on two occasions, school employees walked in on the boy being subjected to inappropriate sexual contact by a male teacher's aide who was hired to help care for the student. The parents were not informed about the situation until after the second incident, and the teacher's aide wasn't fired until the boy's parents took legal action, the complaint says.