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Posted by: Barry Kolar on Feb 27, 2019

All candidates with contested races in the 2019 Tennessee Bar Association election have been provided the opportunity of preparing a campaign message to members. Below is the message from Lafayette attorney Lisa Cothron, who is running to be elected to the Fourth District seat on the the Tennessee Bar Association Board of Governors.

Solo and rural practitioners have very real, and varied, concerns about the current status of the private practice of law. The town square attorney faces unique challenges. Our clients depend upon us for help with business, family, probate, criminal, and tort issues. Many of our rural clients are of modest means, or indigent. I have advocated for rural practitioners in the House of Delegates for several years. It is my goal to continue to give a voice to the needs and perspectives of solo and rural practitioners in the governance and policy development of the Tennessee Bar Association. I ask for your vote that I may help ensure that the perspectives of all Tennessee lawyers are heard and considered.

Lisa Cothron

Lisa C. Cothron
P.O. Box 14
Lafayette, TN 37083
Work Phone: (615)666-6887 

Website: http://www.lisacothronlaw.com/
Email: lcothron@nctc.com