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Posted by: Chelsea Bennett on Feb 28, 2019
As the legislative session progresses, many bills of interest to disability law practitioners are on the move. Here is a list of notable legislation that has the potential to affect your practice area:
Dynamic Accessibility Act. Enacts the "Dynamic Accessibility Act," which requires the commissioner of general services to designate a new symbol of access for disabled persons for use on state property. Also requires the department of revenue to designate a new symbol of access for disabled drivers and disabled passengers for use on registrations, placards, decals, and license plates. Describes new symbol and logo to be used.
Residential housing at higher education institutions for students with intellectual disabilities. Prohibits eligible postsecondary institutions, for purposes of proceeds from state lottery, from denying a student residential housing on the campus of, or in affiliation with, the eligible postsecondary institution solely because of the student's award of a Tennessee STEP UP scholarship.
Appointing of district public guardian for a disabled person. Decreases the age at which a disabled person with no family member or other person, bank, or corporation willing and able to serve as conservator may be appointed a district public guardian from 60 to 40 years.
Public guardianship for the elderly. Allows the executive director of the Tennessee Commission on Aging and Disability to request the district public guardian to serve as a conservator for disabled persons who are younger than sixty (60) years of age if certain criteria are met.
Guardians and Conservators - As introduced, requires conservators other than public guardians to complete educational training on conservatorships within 30 days of appointment; allows a guardian ad litem to obtain a credit report and state and national criminal history background checks for a proposed fiduciary.