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Posted by: Bruce Buchanan on Apr 19, 2019

Here’s our latest issue of the Immigration Law Section’s newsletter. I would like to thank  Alvaro Manrique Barrenechea and Steve Simerlein for writing these insightful articles. It pleases me to have Alvaro, a Vanderbilt LLM law student contributing to our newsletter. I’m always looking for writers and articles on a variety of topics, including family-based immigration issues, employer-based immigration issues, crimimigration, and immigration court. There’s so much happening these days in immigration law that hopefully you will be inspired to write an article. Please feel free to contact me at bbuchanan@sblimmigration.com or 615-345-0266 concerning writing an article.

I look forward to seeing many of you at the Immigration Law Forum this Thursday, April 25. 

— Bruce Buchanan