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Posted by: Jarod Word on Jul 29, 2019

News of a secret $6 million lawsuit settlement surrounding the death of astronaut Neil Armstrong broke just days after the 50th anniversary of his moon walk, The New York Times reports. Armstrong passed away in August 2012, two weeks after heart bypass surgery, as nurses attempted to remove a temporary pacemaker and causing uncontrollable bleeding. The case was settled in 2014 after Armstrong’s daughter-in-law, and family attorney Wendy R. Armstrong, sent a letter to opposing counsel saying the astronaut’s sons would go public with the accusations of malpractice against the hospital. A lawyer for Armstrong’s children, who participated in the secret hearings, said in a filing: “Any linkage of this health provider to the death of (Armstrong) could irreparably and unfairly forever taint the business enterprise … No institution wants to be remotely associated with the death of one of America’s greatest heroes.”