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Posted by: Stephanie Vonnahme on Aug 13, 2019
Happy August YLD-ers! August means a new crop of millennials will be joining the work force, and many of you are celebrating work anniversaries! Congrats to all for hitting another milestone in the profession.  
Whether you are just joining the legal profession or looking to re-engage or “fall” (pun intended) in love with the law again, we have a few new things for you to try:
1. Commit to YOU. Commit to taking a little more “me” time in the morning, or taking an intentional break during the day to read, listen to a podcast, walk around the block, or do anything other than practice law. You must first take care of yourself, before taking care of others.  
2. Commit to NEW. Remember all of the wonderful tips and resources you learned about during onboarding? Neither do I. But a new set of lawyers joining the workforce, will present training opportunities and refreshers on tools to make life easier. Take advantage of it!
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