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Posted by: Chelsea Bennett on Aug 21, 2019

Technology is greatly impacting the way the legal sector operates, and there are four startups — Lexoo, CrowdJustice, InCloudCounsel and Farillio — that are leading the change, Forbes reports.

Lexoo began as an online marketplace for lawyers. Now it has over 1,000 lawyers representing 65 countries and delivers work at half the cost of a traditional law firm. Enterprises and corporations, including Travelodge, are increasingly using this alternative platform.

CrowdJustice is a new approach to access to justice efforts by allowing the public to fund public interest litigation through crowdfunding. This startup selects public interest cases and invites the public to come together and fund them. While this company originated in the U.K., it has since expanded to the U.S. and was involved in funding Stormy Daniels’ legal costs against President Donald Trump.

InCloud Counsel is a lawtech startup that utilizes freelance attorneys and the company’s end-to-end software, backed by AI and machine learning, to manage routine legal work that can be very time consuming. It provides work opportunities for corporate attorneys seeking a remote but steady work arrangement.

Farillio is a newly launched startup that provides a variety of resources for small and medium size legal enterprises to solve everyday business problems, such as HR tasks, handling complaints or harnessing IP. Users can watch how-to video tutorials, access checklists, infographics and curated templates. Further, users needing extra help can reach experts on a pay-as-you-go basis.