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Posted by: Tanja Trezise on Jul 12, 2012

Court: TN Court of Appeals

Attorneys 1:

J. Neil Thompson, Huntingdon, Tennessee for Respondent/Appellant D.B.

Attorneys 2:

Robert E. Cooper, Jr., Attorney General and Marcie E. Greene, Assistant Attorney General Nashville, Tennessee for Petitioner/Appellee State of Tennessee Department of Children’s Services.

Judge(s): KIRBY

This appeal concerns the termination of a father’s parental rights with respect to his son. The father was incarcerated for sexually abusing his stepdaughters, the son’s half sisters, while all resided in the same home. The trial court also found that the father had physically abused the son. The trial court found that all of this conduct constituted severe abuse pursuant to Tennessee Code Annotated §§ 36-1-113(g)(4) and 37-1-102(b)(23)(C). It found that termination of the father’s parental rights was in the son’s best interest. The trial court entered an order terminating the father’s parental rights; the order was entered over thirty days after the termination hearing. The father appeals the tardiness of the termination order and the best interest finding. We affirm.