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Posted by: Tanja Trezise on Apr 28, 2015

Court: TN Court of Criminal Appeals

Attorneys 1:

Bruce E. Poston (at trial), Knoxville, Tennessee, and Troy L. Bowlin, II (at motion for new trial hearing and on appeal), Morristown, Tennessee, for the Appellant, Michael Lambdin.

Attorneys 2:

Herbert H. Slatery, III, Attorney General and Reporter; Ahmed A. Safeeullah, Assistant Attorney General; Charme Allen, District Attorney General; and Leslie R. Nassios, Assistant District Attorney General, for the Appellee, State of Tennessee.

Judge(s): THOMAS

The Defendant, Michael Lambdin, appeals as of right his conviction for first degree murder committed during the perpetration of an attempted robbery. In this appeal, the sole issue presented for our review is whether the evidence is sufficient to support his conviction for felony murder. Specifically, the Defendant contends that the State failed to prove felony murder because the evidence was insufficient to support the elements of the underlying felony and because he abandoned his intent to commit the underlying felony prior to the shooting and killing of the victim by his co-defendant. After reviewing the record and the applicable authorities, we affirm the judgment of the trial court.