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Posted by: Barry Kolar on May 26, 2015

Court: TN Court of Appeals

Attorneys 1:

Ronald D. Krelstein, Germantown, Tennessee, for the appellant, James W. Tagg.

Attorneys 2:

Eric H. Espey, Germantown, Tennessee, for the appellee, Sharon R. Tagg

This is a post-divorce case concerning the enforcement of a marital dissolution agreement, which the trial court incorporated into the divorce decree. The marital dissolution agreement required Appellant to pay Appellee's monthly rent. Appellant made two or three payments, then stopped. The Appellee filed several petitions and complaints seeking to enforce the marital dissolution agreement. Because the trial court did not make sufficient findings of fact and conclusions of law as required by Tennessee Rule of Civil Procedure rule 52.01, we vacate the judgment of the trial court and remand the case with instructions to conduct an evidentiary hearing and to issue sufficient findings of fact and conclusions of law.