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Posted by: Amelia Ferrell Knisely on Jan 25, 2016

Court: TN Court of Appeals

Attorneys 1:

D. Scott Parsley, Michael K. Parsley, and Joshua G. Strickland, Nashville, Tennessee, for the appellant, Sima Aryan.

Attorneys 2:

Raquel A. Abel, Franklin, Tennessee, for the appellee, Nicolas Aryan.

Judge(s): BENNETT

Former husband filed a post-divorce petition seeking to hold former wife in contempt for her failure to pay and hold former husband harmless for indebtedness on the marital residence as required by the parties? marital dissolution agreement. The trial court held former wife in contempt for her failure to pay, granted former husband a judgment of $2010.00 for the amount he paid in an attempt to keep the debt current, ordered former wife to sell the marital residence, and awarded former husband attorney?s fees. We hold the trial court?s ruling on contempt was in error because the trial court failed to make a threshold finding that former wife?s conduct was willful. On appeal, former wife asserts the trial court erred in requiring her to sell the former marital home. In support of its decision to require former wife to sell the home, the trial court reasoned that principles of equity demanded the result since former husband had no other remedy at law. We reverse the trial court, finding former husband was not without a remedy because he can file an action for breach of contract. The finding of contempt, judgment of $2010.00, and related award of attorney?s fees are vacated, and the portion of the order requiring former wife to sell the home is reversed.