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Posted by: Chandra Williams on May 20, 2016

Court: TN Court of Appeals

Attorneys 1:

Joe Bednarz, Jr., and Joe Bednarz, Sr., Hendersonville, Tennessee, for the appellant, Donna Faye Shipley.

Attorneys 2:

Wendy Lynne Longmire and T. William A. Caldwell, Nashville, Tennessee, for the appellee, Robin Williams, M.D.

Judge(s): DINKINS

Health care liability action filed in November 2002 in which patient alleges that physician was negligent in failing to assess her condition, failing to provide proper medical care, failing to admit her to the hospital or refer her to another doctor, and failing to properly follow-up with her. The trial court granted summary judgment on all claims and, following an appeal to this court in which we reversed the grant of summary judgment on all claims, the Supreme Court reinstated summary judgment on the failure to admit claim and remanded the case for trial on the remaining claims. On remand, on the patient‘s motion, the trial court set aside the summary judgment on the failure to admit claim, applying the ?substantially different evidence? exception to the law of the case doctrine; following further discovery, the court reinstated summary judgment on that claim. After a trial, the jury found that the physician did not breach the standard of care and judgment was entered in her favor. Patient appeals, contending that the court erred in granting partial summary judgment on the failure to admit claim in 2006 and in reinstating the claim on remand; in restricting and excluding certain evidence at trial; in allowing evidence designed to shift blame from the physician to the patient and others; and in awarding sanctions against counsel for the patient. Finding no error or abuse of discretion, we affirm the judgment in all respects.