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Posted by: Landry Butler on Mar 23, 2018

Court: TN Court of Appeals

Attorneys 1:

Paige Coleman, Knoxville, Tennessee, for the appellant, Chrissy M. Machic.

Attorneys 2:

Kevin R. Bryant, Crossville, Tennessee, for the appellee, Jacinto Machic.

Judge(s): CLEMENT

This appeal arises from a final decree of divorce. Mother appeals, contending the trial court erred in designating Father as the Primary Residential Parent and awarding the majority of parenting time to Father; she also challenges the division of the martial property. Because the trial court made no findings of fact and the statement of the evidence is inadequate, we have determined that we cannot conduct an appropriate appellate review of the issues raised. Accordingly, the judgment of the trial court is vacated and this matter is remanded for the trial court to, inter alia, comply with the mandate in Tenn. R. Civ. P. 52.01, which states that “the [trial] court shall find the facts specially and shall state separately its conclusions of law and direct the entry of the appropriate judgment.”