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Posted by: Barry Kolar on Mar 1, 2021

Journal Issue Date: March/April 2021

Journal Name: Vol. 56 No. 2

The challenges of opening, building or maintaining a law practice are great enough during normal times, but in today’s climate most everyone could use some help. That’s why the TBA has partnered with the nationally recognized Affinity Consulting Group to develop a Practice Management Center for TBA members.

The new center contains resources for lawyers at all different stages of a firm’s lifecycle — from starting up and developing a clientele to winding down a practice and starting on a new phase of life — all developed by professionals with years of service to lawyers and law firms.

“Since our founding, we are proud to have continually delivered on our promise to become our clients’ trusted advisors and advocates,” Affinity Senior Consultant Jeffrey Schoenberger says. “We do that by helping them to run more efficient and productive organizations by recommending solutions and strategies designed to meet their individual needs in the most cost-effective ways possible.”

What Does the Center Look Like?

The TBA Practice Management Center is packed with comparison charts, checklists, whitepapers, recommended CLE programs, ethics rulings and more. In addition, all TBA members will be able to tap into the expertise of the consultants at Affinity through free 30-minute consultation sessions or use a dedicated email address to ask questions as simple as iWatch support issues, to as complex as moving files to a new server. The center will also provide eight to 10 tips/tricks a month that will be showing up in many of the TBA’s regularly scheduled communications to members.

One big focus of the center will be technology, which of course now touches on almost every part of a lawyer’s day. For law firms of any size, this can be overwhelming, especially now while many lawyers are working from home or remote locations.

A peek at a comparison chart for cloud document storage will show you free options, storage capacity, online editing options, mobile friendliness, offline access and more for Apple iCloud Drive, Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and other providers. 

 Whitepapers take a look at tech issues like two-factor authentication, wireless and email encryption, backup strategies, when to use a server, accounting systems and many more.