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Posted by: Gail Ashworth on Feb 20, 2010

Journal Issue Date: Mar 2010

Journal Name: March 2010 - Vol. 46, No. 3

Tennessee lawyers are great volunteers. Two examples of the volunteer work of Tennessee lawyers that benefits every lawyer and judge in our state are the work of the TBA Ethics & Professionalism Committee and the TBA Presidential Task Force on Judicial Conduct Rules.

Lucian Pera, a Tennessee lawyer from Memphis, was just nominated to be the treasurer of the American Bar Association — the largest professional organization in the world. He will join Judge Bernice Donald on the Executive Committee of the ABA. Lucian works hard for his clients, is an outstanding lawyer and has also always made volunteering to serve the profession a high priority. Lucian chaired the TBA Ethics & Professionalism Committee for the past 10 years, and he is a recognized leader in legal ethics on the local, state and national levels.   

Lucian is also one of the members of the TBA Presidential Task Force on Judicial Conduct Rules. This great group of volunteer Tennessee lawyers and judges has been working very hard this year to make recommendations to the TBA Board of Governors at the upcoming June annual meeting on improvements to Tennessee rules and statutes governing judicial conduct.   Max Bahner of Chattanooga chairs the Task Force and Sarah Y. Sheppeard of Knoxville is the reporter. A list of these volunteer lawyers and judges serving on the Task Force appears below and I want to thank them personally for their commitment to our profession as they continue this important work.

TBA Presidential Task Force on Judicial Conduct Rules - Max Bahner (chair), Sarah Sheppeard (reporter), Al Harvey, Buck Lewis, Barbara Mayden, Lucian Pera, Hon. Jerri Bryant, Hon. Angelita   Dalton, Hon. Skip Frierson, Hon. Alan Glenn, Hon. Walter Kurtz, Joe Riley and Tom Stovall.

In addition to the current judicial conduct, or ethics, work, the TBA has pending before the Supreme Court a Petition for the Adoption of Amended Tennessee Rules of Professional Conduct, the result of years of hard work by the members of the TBA Ethics & Professionalism Committee, currently chaired by Brian Faughnan of Memphis.   A list of these volunteer lawyers and judges appears below, for the same reason that I have listed the Task Force members "   to thank them and to show other Tennessee lawyers and judges who is doing this great work entirely on a volunteer basis.

TBA Ethics & Professionalism Committee - Brian Faughnan (chair), Elena V. Babaeva, George Wesley Bishop III, John Terrell Blankenship, Paul Campbell III, John L. Chambers, William Thomas Dillard, Kacey Leigh Faughnan, John Welch Gill Jr., Robert Mark Glover, Frank Grace Jr., Thomas Clifton Greenholtz, Albert Clyde Harvey, William Joseph Haynes III, Michael Wayne Higginbotham, Hon. Charles Allen High Jr., Barbara Dale Holmes, William Lewis Jenkins Jr., Nancy Sue Jones, Susan Laurie Kay, Hugh F. Kendall, Randall Loftin Kinnard, Ernest F. Lidge, Henry Alan Martin, Lucian T. Pera, Carl Arthur Pierce, Jimmie Lynn Ramsaur, William Stewart Rutchow, Charles Lawrence Trotter Jr., Christopher Todd Varner, Ellen Bronaugh Vergos, James A. Vick, Mark Vorder-Bruegge Jr., David Clark Wade and Sheree Carroll Wright.

All of these members have jobs, families, hobbies and important life commitments that require their time in addition to the volunteer time spent on conference calls, creating, reading and editing endless red-line versions of old rules, proposed rules, amendments to rules, new rules, old comments, new comments, studying opposition position statements, charts of other states' rules and statutes and reading many, many e-mails with endless attachments. They also travel from all across our state for in-person meetings that are necessary to accomplish their tasks. Significantly, they also volunteer to prepare the excellent and scholarly petitions and briefs in these matters.  

These are just two examples of the enormous amount of volunteer work done by Tennessee lawyers and judges; many more examples exist and these members labor on without any recognition and many times without any thanks. Please take the time to thank them and all other volunteer lawyers and judges you know for their dedication to our profession.