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Posted by: Tba Administrator on Dec 6, 2011

About the Tennessee Bar Association
Founded in 1881, the Tennessee Bar Association is dedicated to enhancing fellowship among members of the state's legal community. A strictly voluntary association, the TBA offers its members a variety of programs and services designed to assist in professional development. In addition, through its public relations activities, the TBA endeavors to build a positive image for the profession in the community.

The TBA membership represents the entire spectrum of the legal community, from plaintiff and defense attorneys to judges, government and legal services attorneys, corporate counsel, and a number of attorneys residing outside the state who retain an interest in the Tennessee legal profession.

Membership in the TBA gives you access to a number of programs and services designed to help you become a better practitioner.

A History of Service
On December 14, 1881, 69 Tennessee lawyers signed the Charter of Incorporation establishing the Tennessee Bar Association. In the century since, the TBA has been dedicated to improving the legal professional and the administration of justice.

From the beginning, the TBA set high standards for its objectives — to foster legal education, maintain the honor and dignity of the profession of law, to cultivate professional ethics, to encourage social interchange among members, and to promote improvements in the law and the modes of its administration.

Topics discussed during the first annual convention in 1882 included a review of statutory changes that had taken place in the state and in Congress during the year. Other topics included whether a legislature can make a contract that surrenders the power of future legislatures to enact laws, interstate commerce and the regulation of railroads, and the legal rights of married women.

About TBALink
The Law Office Technology & Management Section, with the approval of the Tennessee Bar Association's Board of Governors, established a computer online service for TBA members in 1996. It's called TBALink, and you're looking at it right now!

Today lawyers across the state are using TBALink to aid in their practice of law. They are using it to download recent opinions from Tennessee Courts as well as using TBALink's database of caselaw to find that lost opinion. TBA Today is just one great benefit.

Users of TBALink can share stories and seek out the advice of other attorneys in the state using our electronic forums. These forums provide a place where attorneys can come together and discuss the law and technology.

TBALink is also the avenue by which members of the bar can take online CLE courses — anytime — day or night. Imagine getting ahead on your hours or catching up with those much-needed credits in the comfort of your home — on your schedule.

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