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Posted by: Barry Kolar on Dec 7, 2011

The Board of Professional Responsibility has revoked pro hac vice permission for the following attorneys due to their failure to pay the annual registration fee required by Tennessee Supreme Court Rule 19. Attorneys who have since complied with the requirements, and for whom notice has been received from the court, are noted as reinstated.

Pro hac vice authority allows out-of-state attorneys to practice in Tennessee courts. The TBA provides this information as a member service and not as an official record of an attorney's status. Interested individuals should check with the Board of Professional Responsibility for the official status of a Tennessee licensed attorney.

Ricky V. South

Travis E. Downs III
Joshua N. Holian

Carlos M. Davila
Joelle H. Hervic
Larry E. Klayman
William R. Pfeiffer
George F. Quintairos
Paul William Rebein
Kevin W. Richardson
R. Craig Spickard

Camille W. Averett
Marc A. Celello
David M. Eppsteiner
Marc N. Garber
Michael L. Rothenberg
Reagan G. Sauls
Jean-Alain Schneider

Steven A. Kramer
Jeffrey J. Kroll
James A. Meece
J. Ryan Potts

R. Chris Oetjens
Robert E. Richards
Joseph N. Stella

Stephen E. Marshall

Kurtis L.V. Brown
Ernest L. Jarrett

Rachel H. Baker
Michael J. Flannery
J. Scott Kessinger

New Jersey
Wayne Powell

New York
Kenneth Juan Figueroa
Neil Alan Goldberg
Alan S. Goudiss
James J. McGuire

North Carolina
Mark A. La Mantia

Jason M. Cohen
Steve N. Siegel

Lillian E. Benedict

Edward A. Davis
Justin Melkus

Washington, D.C.
James C. Egan Jr.
Amy Ray

Joan I. Schwartz

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