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Posted by: Barry Kolar on Dec 8, 2011

Video programming from the Tennessee Bar Association

These short videos are presented as a service to the Tennessee legal community by the Tennessee Bar Association Young Lawyers Division and the volunteer attorneys and professionals who appear.

David Veile

Practice Points: Criminal Law Basics

In this video, Nashville-area lawyer David Veile provides an overview of how to approach the defense of a criminal case. He covers issues such as evaluating the court venue; the importance of understanding the client's perspective of what happened; doing due diligence with regard to reviewing the arrest warrant, cross-checking charges against the code and confirming the legality of any search warrants; and finally, documenting every element of representation in case there is an appeal or post-conviction suit.

Chris McCarty

Practice Points: Discrimination Basics

In this video, Knoxville lawyer Chris McCarty looks at harassment and discrimination cases from the employer's perspective. He covers such issues as determining whether the complaining party is a member of a legally protected class and whether the employer is subject to federal and/or state discrimination laws, which have different requirements. He provides guidance for interviewing the relevant parties and advising employers on how to treat complaining employees, saying strong retaliation cases often have their basis in weak discrimination cases.

Practice Points: Insurance Law Basics

In this video, Jackson lawyer Chad Naffziger discusses first party insurance claims -- those that are filed by an individual against his or her own insurance company. He advises lawyers to get to know the applicable insurance policy "inside and out" and identify what coverages or defenses are available. He also looks at the duties of the insured after a loss occurs and circumstances that can void the policy. Finally, he addresses the liability of the agent who sold the policy and the vicarious liability imputed to the company.

Elisha Hodge

Practice Points: Using Public Records

In this video, Tennessee's Open Records Counsel Elisha Hodge provides tips for those requesting public records as well as those responsible for maintaining records. She advises lawyers seeking public records to be aware of statutory restrictions on access, any fees that might apply, and where and how to send requests. For record custodians, Hodge advises entities to create a records management system, understand retention and destruction schedules, know their rights and responsibilities under the law, and be able to justify any denials.


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