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Posted by: Stacey Shrader Joslin on Oct 5, 2005

State Supreme Court adopts TBA's request

NASHVILLE, Oct. 5, 2005 — Lawyers displaced by Hurricane Katrina may get a 60-day temporary, emergency license to practice in Tennessee under an order issued today by the Tennessee Supreme Court. The order can be found online at

The action came at the request of the Tennessee Bar Association, which had asked last month that lawyers from Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama be granted limited privileges to practice in Tennessee. The action is seen as a way to allow the displaced lawyers to protect the interests of existing clients. However, the licenses are not limited in scope and the displaced lawyers may take on new matters for which they are competent. The lawyers must be in good standing in their home jurisdictions and register with the state licensing and disciplinary authorities.

“Among the thousands of people displaced by Hurricane Katrina are many lawyers. Legal problems that their clients face continue and the storm itself may bring a whole host of new legal problems,” TBA President Bill Haltom of Memphis said at the filing. “We are gratified that the court has taken this action.”

Several other state supreme courts, including those in Texas, Arkansas and Arizona, have already taken similar action.