Dear Colleague:

Congratulations on joining the practice of law in Tennessee! This is an important milestone and an achievement of which you should be proud.

We look forward to seeing you at the Tennessee Supreme Court admission ceremony in Nashville on June 4.

As you begin your new legal career, you need to know about the opportunities and benefits of TBA membership. For more than a century, the mission and work of the TBA has been to improve the profession and the legal system and to advance the interests of our members. A voluntary association, the TBA represents the entire spectrum of the legal community, from plaintiff and defense attorneys to judges, government and legal services attorneys, corporate counsel and a number of attorneys residing outside the state who retain an interest in the Tennessee legal profession. We’re one of the strongest and most vibrant bars in the country, big or small.

When you join the TBA, you will automatically become a member of the Young Lawyers Division (TBA YLD). There is no better way to meet and enjoy the company of other young lawyers across the state and to begin to establish the vital relationships that will be of great benefit throughout your career.

Once again, congratulations and welcome to the practice of law in Tennessee.


Sarah Sheppeard
TBA President

The following is a list of those Applicants who were SUCCESSFUL on the February 2020 Tennessee Bar Examination.

Successful completion of the Tennessee Uniform Bar Exam (UBE) does not mean that all licensing requirements have been met. No license will be issued until an applicant has completed all requirements for licensing including, but not limited to, the Character and Fitness Interview and a passing score on the MPRE.
If you are eligible to be licensed, you will receive a “Welcome Email” from the Board of Professional Responsibility (BPR) in the next few days regarding the next steps in the licensing process. Please allow the BPR at least three business days to send out all emails before contacting their office with questions.
Emails with exam results will be sent to all applicants. Please wait until you receive your email and read it carefully before contacting the Board of Law Examiners at with questions.

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Colton Lee Adams
Kaleb Coleton Adams
Alexandria Brooke Allen
David Michael Allen
Philip John Andrews
Jacob E Ankrom


Ian James Barlow
Jordan Palmer Barnette
Benjamin Davis Barnhill
Ann Elizabeth Beckstrom
Courtney Kail Benjamin
Morgan Brianna Bick
Terria Denise Blunt
Stephen Russell Born
Elizabeth Braymer Borsavage
Courtney Janel Boykin
Kayla Nicole Brantley
Tierra Dell Brown


Carlos Alberto Camacho
Ian Andres Christian
Samantha Paige Clark
Richard Mason Coates
Jaime Enrique Colon-Velez
Charlotte Jayne Cooper
Jeanette Lynn Cox


Stephen Fritz Darnell
Colby Alexander Davis
Edith Logan Davis
Janae Pearl Davis
Judea Shechinah Davis
Abby Kay Doshier
Madison Taylor Dunn


Aaron B. Eason
Micah James East
Chukwudi Chrispin Echetebu
Craig Anthony Edgington
Richard Wayne Edwards
Joshua Jarod Ely
Paula Leigh Estess

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Carson William Fallo
John Hunter Fede


Phillip Scott Gass
Madeline Michelle Gomez
Galen Sophia Gray
Karen Leslie Green


Jacquelyn Nguyen Ha
Traci Hagedorn
Erin Lee Hall
Cory Shaun Hancock
Christopher Jay Barton Harrelson
Raven Savannah hernandez
Daniel Alberto Herrera
Jhasilyn Annette Heyward
Amanda Louise Hix
Brandes Brown Holcomb
Cassie Marie Hood
Matthew Clinton Huff
William Cannon Hultman



John Jordan Jackson
Louis Mathewes Jehl
Kimberly Shenk Johnsen
Andre O. Johnson
Samantha Kate Jorden


Nicholas Carver Kanaly
Mackenzie Clarion Keffalos
Paige Allen Kelliher
Gwendolyn May Kennedy
Andrew Kim
Katherine Ryan Kimmel
Scott Allan Knittle


Menachem Langer
Alex James MacLaren Lawrence
Peggy K. Leonard
Amy Michal Little
David Augusto Lopes
Kenneth Richard Lovell
Sparkle Nicole Lynwood


Gene Foy Martin
Nathaniel Matthew Martin
Rachel Hepburn Masters
Jordyn Kaela McCarley
Kenneth Wayne McClanahan II
Leah Draayer McDowell
Jacob Ryan McElyea
Neel Harrison McKoon
Hailey Victoria McNair
David Bragg McNamee
Stephen Francis McStravick
Ronald Andrew Medrano Williams
Matthew Craig Meyers
Louis Joseph Montesi III
Lamar Moore
Justin Paul Morgan

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Erin M. Newman
Andrew Thomas Trent Noell




Franceska Payen
Angela Denise Payne
Benjamin Peay
Carrie Anne Perras
Catherine Treadwell Perry
Brian Carl Pike

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Samuel Adam Raque
William Thomas Rasnic
Victoria Raulerson
Jordan Todd Richardson
Timothy Kyle Roark
Paulette Marie Rodriguez Lopez
William Chase Rudd
Dylan Orion Rutherford


Hans Leo Schwendimann
Taylor Paige Scott
Rachel Melissa Sellers
John Thomas Shipley
Charla Sherree Smith
Cheryl Nedobity Smith
Elise Rose Sobo
Rush Logan Sowell
Ronda Gail Spivey
Gabriel Charles Stapleton
Scott Chandler Stuard


Paul Wilson Talley
Patience Nicole Taylor
Patrick Ballou Treadwell
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Willie Frank Wallace III
Johnny Wayne Warren II
Timothy Felton Warren Jr.
Rodger Dale Waynick Jr.
Lacey Michelle Webb
Ashley Nicole Wethington
Charity Teranica Wood
Lisa Gayle Woolley

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Michelle Li-yen Yang