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May 20 & 21


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Session 1: “Basics of Valuation Methodologies” by Chris Rowe, Ralph Montgomery and moderated by Justin Joy (1 General)

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Session 2: From “Court-Packing” to Kneeling: Ethical Discussions of Controversial Topics by Stewart Harris (1 DUAL)

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Session 3: ADAAA, FMLA, FFCRA and Other COVID-19 Related Hot Topics by Stacie Caraway and Heather Collins (1 General)

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Session 1: Masters of the Bar by Jennifer Morton, Paul Prather and moderated by Bob Bowman  (1 General)

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Session 2: Employment Law Update: What’s Next from the Biden Administration by Bruce Buchanan and Greg Grisham (1 General)

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Session 3: Dummies for Ethics – Employment Lawyers Edition by Jack Burgin (1 DUAL)  

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