SESSION ONEEthics in Elder Law – Remote Representation and Other Challenges

This session will cover the ethical ramifications of some of the situations that have arisen during the pandemic, such as virtual interviewing, remote execution/notarization/witnessing, increased fiduciary representation, etc.; and the application of TN Rules of Professional Conduct and NAELA Aspirational Standards

Donna Harkness, University of Memphis Elder Law Clinic


SESSION TWO: Durable Powers of Attorney

This session will cover creating custom durable powers of attorney by identifying clients' needs; and potentials for abuse.​

Glen Kyle, Franklin & Kyle Elder Law LLC


SESSION THREEHow Will Our Clients Find and Afford Health Care in Retirement

How will our clients pay for healthcare in retirement? This session will discuss the sources of payment including private assets, long term care insurance, Medicare, VA Aid & Attendance and Medicaid (TennCare). It will also provide an outline of the requirements to qualify for benefits.

Barbara Moss, Elder Law of Nashville PLC


SESSION FOUR: TennCare CHOICES Eligibility: Pre-admission Evaluations — Part I,  Part II

This session will cover the intangibles of TennCare CHOICES eligibility, including: primary references, pre-admission process, function measures and scoring, the care gap and appeals.

Pam Wright, The Wright Law Firm PLLC


SESSION FIVE: Getting Our Clients on TennCare — Part IPart IIPart IIIPart IVPart V

Topics covered in this presentation include how assets are treated; age, marriage status, income and timing considerations; and how government benefit programs work together

Bryson Eubanks, Kane and Crowell PLLC


SESSION SIXNavigating TennCare Estate Recovery

This presentation will discuss the following:  
What you need to know about Tenncare estates recovery whether your client is applying for Tenncare CHOICES or never enrolled in CHOICES.  
What is the Tenncare release form and why do you need it? 
What to do if your client receives a demand letter from Tenncare?

Paula Godsey, Elder Law of Nashville PLC