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Bringing the Vices (and IP) to You

JULY 15-16, 2020


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COURSE MATERIAL - Day 1 (July 15):

Session 1: Trade Secrets” by Shawn Sentilles (1 General)

Session 2: Hackers, Lawyers, and CC-BSD-GNU's, Oh My! How Open Source Software is Invading Proprietary Platforms, for Better or Worse” by Kevin Christopher (1 General)

Session 3: “Data Privacy - What Every Lawyer Needs to Know About New Privacy Regulations” by Autumn Boyd (1 Dual)

COURSE MATERIAL - Day 2 (July 16):

Session 1: Hemp v. Marijuana: Concentration of THC Affects Availability of IP” by Seth Ogden (1 General)

Session 2: "Trademark Lessons from the Alcohol Industry” by Ryan Levy (1 General)