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Posted by: Suzanne Craig Robertson on Mar 20, 2012

An animal abuse case has the Johnson City Press defending the women who wore a message on their T-shirts into court, as well as defending the judge who admonished them. Criminal Court Judge Bob Cupp told the women he was “offended” by the message, “Justice for Honey,” and said he did not need them to remind him of his responsibilities as a jurist. Honey is the name of the dog that died in a recent aggravated animal cruelty case. “As a criminal court judge, Cupp is indeed responsible for seeing that all defendants are treated fairly under the law, regardless of what they have been charged with,” the editorial says. “Justice is not dependent on public opinion, nor should it ever be swayed by the passions of the masses.” The paper then points out that experts say those who abuse animals are also likely to do the same to spouses, children and other family members. “That is why this crime should be treated more severely than it is now under Tennessee law.” ?Read the editorial