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Posted by: Allan Ramsaur on Jul 19, 2012

A report compiled by the Tennessee Bar Association shows that while the number of lawyers serving in the legislature has declined over the last several years, more lawyers are candidates for the General Assembly this year than in the last two election cycles.

The report shows that 25 lawyers are running for 20 seats. In two districts, lawyers are pitted against each other in the primary or will likely face off in the general election. It remains to be seen whether, with the retirement of several lawyer lawmakers, the actual number of lawyers in the General Assembly will increase. See the breakdown below:

Tennessee State Senate

Office SoughtCandidateWebsite
District 2Doug Overbeywww.senatordougoverbey.com
District 12Ken Yagerwww.kenyager.com
District 16Stevie Ray Roller 
District 16Justin Wallingwww.wallingforsenate.com
District 20Phillip Northwww.north4senate.com
District 22Tim Barneswww.senatortimbarnes.com
District 24John Stevenswww.facebook.com/JohnStevensForStateSenate
District 30Jim Kylewww.senatorjimkyle.com
District 32Mark Norriswww.marknorris.org

Tennessee House of Representatives

Office SoughtCandidateWebsite
District 2Ben Mallicotewww.benmallicote.com
District 5Duncan Cavefacebook.com/duncancatescave
District 4Thomas Grayhttp://thomgray.org
District 5Bradley Mercer 
District 17Andrew Farmer 
District 29Mike Carter 
District 41John Mark Windle 
District 44William Lamberthwww.votelamberth.com
District 44Steven Glaser 
District 52Michael Stewartwww.electmikestewart.org
District 57Linda Elamwww.lindaelam.com
District 65Jeremy Durhamwww.votejeremydurham.com
District 65Kenny Youngwww.facebook.com/VoteKennyYoung
District 66Lee Harrell 
District 71Vance Denniswww.vancedennis.com
District 82Craig Fitzhughwww.craigfitzhugh.com