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Posted by: Stacey Shrader Joslin on Jul 20, 2012

Two Tennessee-licensed attorneys received public censures from the Board of Professional Responsibility (BPR) on July 19. Marshall County lawyer Thomas Andre Davidson was censured for mishandling the estate of a client. Among his actions, Davidson failed to review a prenuptial agreement and failed to disclose a third codicil to the will – even informing the client’s wife that the codicil had been revoked. In addition, Crossville attorney Margaret Jane Powers was censured for endorsing a client’s name on a check and depositing the money in her account. In handling a client’s divorce, Powers received a check made out to the client from the opposing party. She asked the client if she could apply the check to the outstanding bill owed. When the client refused, Powers held the check for 18 months, and then asked the client again. When the client did not respond, Powers deposited the check, though she later refunded the money.