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Posted by: Christy Gibson on Sep 24, 2012

Dear TBA Tort & Insurance Law Section Member:

The TBA Tort & Insurance Law Section is excited to announce new additions to the TIPS Case Opinions that are sent out by the section.  In addition to having access to the .PDF version of the case, you will now have the opportunity to comment on the cases. 

To comment on a case, please review the following steps:

1.     You must be a TBA Tort & Insurance Law Section Member to comment.  If you are not a member, please contact the TBA about joining the section or go to https://www.tba.org/user/

2.     You must be logged-in to your TBA Account to comment: https://www.tba.org/sections-non-logged-in.  If you have difficulty logging-in to your account, please contact the TBA.

3.     In the TIPS Opinions Email locate the link at the bottom of the case titled “Comment on Article” and click on the link.  You will be taken directly to the case to comment. 

4.     Enter a “Subject” for your comment.  This is not a required field but could be helpful to others when reviewing the comments.

5.     Enter your “Comment”.  This field is required.   

6.     You will automatically be subscribed to receive notifications when others comment on the case.  If you do not wish to receive notifications, please click on “Notifications” and check the box “Do not send notifications for this update”.

7.     Click “Preview” to review your post before saving.  If you do not like your post, please make changes and click “Preview” again until you are satisfied. 

8.     If you are satisfied with your post, please click “Save” to submit your post. 

You will also have the opportunity to read comments posted by other section members as well as comment on their posts.

We hope you enjoy this new feature offered with the TIPS Opinion.  Please send all questions and comments to Christy Gibson at cgibson@tnbar.org.     


Jim Wright

TBA Tort & Insurance Chair