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Posted by: James Wright & Christy Gibson on Oct 8, 2012

The Executive Committee of the Tort and Insurance Practice Session had its monthly meeting on September 27, 2012.  This note is to update you in regard to your section. 

1.Sub-Committees:  The Section has formed two sub-committees:

(A)  A medical malpractice sub-committee.  Jamie Ballinger-Holder (email & phone) is heading this sub-section.  This Section at present is planning a webinar in December 2012.  The webinar will deal with notice issues under the medical malpractice statutes.  The sub-section is also working on a topic for the March 7, 2013 Annual Conference for the Section. 

(B)  An in-house counsel sub-committee has been formed.  Julie Peak and Stewart Stallings are working primarily with this committee.  This sub-committee is discussing the possible presentation of one hour of CLE at the March 7, 2013 meeting.  This will be further discussed at the October Executive Committee conference.

2.Update to TIPS Case Report:  The TIPS case reporting that you have been receiving from time to time has been updated and has a new look.  It should also have a comment section that should allow you to comment in regard to a particular case or ask a question about a case.  We are anxious to see how this works.  If you are not receiving this let us know.  You may want to check your spam filter or other filter to see if perhaps it is being picked up by this.

3.March 7, 2013 Conference:  The Conference is moving forward in its planning.  At present we are looking at sponsors for the program and if you are aware of anyone that might be interested in sponsoring, please let us know.  The Conference agenda will include a year in review panel discussion of hot cases and provide an update in that regard.  There will be a tort reform update.  Senator Doug Overbey has agreed to speak in regard as to a legislative update and there will be an ethics component provided as well.  There are additional topics in the works. 

Please contact us if you have any ideas or suggestions for the Section.