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Posted by: Stacey Shrader Joslin on Feb 5, 2013

Police are trying to figure out why a suspect using his personal e-mail address would contact a Murfreesboro lawyer and claim he had been hired to kill the man. A police officer investigating the case said, “The e-mail detailed how (the man) was hired to assassinate (the lawyer) and that his ‘boys are getting more information to track him down.’” In addition to the e-mail, the lawyer said he is afraid due to “possible language references from a social media account,” the officer reported. Given the fact the alleged assassin did not try to conceal his identity, detectives are trying to determine whether the e-mail was a hoax, the Murfreesboro Post reports. A related story in the ABA Journal suggests the incident may be part of a scam that that has been around for several years in which an email written by a "hit man" attempts to extort money from the recipient in return for sparing their life.