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Posted by: Jenny Jones on Feb 19, 2013

Voting starts Friday to select Tennessee Bar Association leadership for the upcoming year. Below is a list of positions to be filled for the 2013-2014 TBA membership year (July 1, 2013, through June 30, 2014) and candidates who have filed for them. The TBA Board of Governors will fill seats where no one filed. Electronic voting begins Feb. 22 and ends March 1. Members choosing to vote by paper ballot have from March 15 to April 1 to submit their vote.

TBA Board of Governors

Position Candidate

Vice President James Crumlin
Robert "Bobby" Hibbett
William "Bill" Harbison

1st District Governor Erin McArdle
Brent Young

4th District Governor No candidate filed

5th District Governor
(Position 1- new)
Mary Dohner Smith

West Grand Division Governor (1) No candidate filed

West Grand Division Governor (2-new) No candidate filed

Middle Grand Division Governor (1) Gary Shockley

Middle Grand Division Governor (2-new) Jim Cartiglia

East Grand Division Governor (1) Jason Long

East Grand Division Governor (2-new) Andy Roskind

ABA House of Delegates

Position 1 Jonathan Cole
Position 3 (designated for young lawyer) Lee Bowles

TBA House of Delegates

District 1 No candidate filed

District 2 Leslie Ridings

District 3 Aaron Chapman

District 4 Eve Charlesworth

District 5 Steve Ogle

District 6 (2 positions) Ginny Schwamm
Shelly Wilson

District 7 Neil McBride

District 8 Jim Romer

District 9 Loren Plemmons

District 10 Marcia McMurray

District 11 (2 positions) Alicia Oliver
Arnold Stulce

District 12 Graham Swafford

District 13 Jane Powers

District 14 John LaBar

District 15 No candidate filed

District 16 Ewing Sellers

District 17 No candidate filed

District 18 Tim Takacs

District 19 Jamie Durrett

District 20 (2 positions)

Max Fleischer

Charlie High

District 21 Shauna Billingsley

District 22 No candidate filed

District 23 No candidate filed

District 24 Charlie Trotter

District 25 No candidate filed

District 26 Linda Warren Seely

District 27 Paul Hutcherson

District 28 Jerry Flippin

District 29 Karen Burns

District 30 (2 positions) Walt Schuler
Randy Womack

District 31 No candidate filed

Young Lawyer, East Grand Division Chris McCarty

Young Lawyer, Middle Grand Division No candidate filed

Young Lawyer, West Grand Division No candidate filed