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Posted by: Barry Kolar on Mar 13, 2013

Students can explore the idea that the judiciary is, as Alexander Hamilton wrote, "the least dangerous” branch of government in the Tennessee Bar Association’s Third Annual YouTube Video Contest. Middle school and high school students can win up to $500 in the contest by producing a three-minute video that explores this topic and addresses questions such as: (1) why is it important to have a judiciary that is independent of the legislative and executive branches; (2) how does this structure strengthen the doctrine of separation of powers; (3) how high should the walls between the branches be; (4) what happens when judges aren’t fair or impartial; or (5) considering the powers granted to the three branches and the checks and balances each has over the others, do you agree that the judiciary is the least dangerous branch? The deadline for middle school entries is Friday. High school students have until March 29. Questions? Contact Liz Todaro at the TBA.