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Posted by: Kelly Stosik on Apr 1, 2013

Journal Issue Date: Apr 2013

Journal Name: April 2013 - Vol. 49, No. 4

The Tennessee Bar Journal barely caught up with the TBA Membership Maven as she darted around preparing for the TBA member renewal season that started April 1.

TBJ: Maven, I can’t help but notice … you are really sweating a lot. Are you OK?
MM: I AM OK. April 1 started the member renewal period and it is my favorite thing! We are working, working to help members renew so no one has a lapse in service! Its got me sweating like a long-tailed cat in a rocking chair factory.

TBJ: I understand the TBA has a long history of exceptional benefits and services but what’s new and exciting?
MM: Geez, there’s so much it makes my head spinny. We added LawPay to the impressive list of benefits providers, hired an expert insurance agent just for members, started a lawyers’ mentoring task force, operated our diversity job fair, tracked tons of important legislation, conducted more than 100 CLE courses, hosted a fantasteriffic convention ... (47 minutes later) … whoosh! See why I’m sweaty?

TBJ: I do! That’s astonishing. What is the big…
MM: AND! We offer firm billing now! So, your firm can get one invoice for the whole office and just pay with one check. It’s so convenient and easy you can’t even believe it! A firm has to call or email the TBA to set it up, but it only takes 3 minutes and that’s if you’re a slow talker.

TBJ: That’s so efficient for the attorney and administrator.
MM: I know that’s right! Talk about a time-saver — pay 2013-2014 dues now and we won’t bring up the issue again! No reminder emails, no paper invoices, no late night phone calls, just the news and information members want!

TBJ: Sounds too good to be true. How does a member pay their dues online?
MM: 4 easy steps, my friend! 1) go to TBA.ORG 2) Click ‘Renew Online’ 3) Login using your email and password. Can’t remember your pw; click ‘Request New Password’. It’s-such-a-cinch! 4) Pay your dues. BAM, you’re done!

TBJ: Maven, thanks for stopping by long enough for a few questions.
MM: Mwah, Darling! Spread the good word, it’s time to renew and it’s easier then ever!

To ask the TBA Membership Maven a question please email maven@tnbar.org or her alter-ego, Kelly Stosik, the Tennessee Bar Association’s membership director.