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Posted by: Christy Gibson on May 23, 2013

The Department of Children’s Services has invited private attorneys to participate in the Department’s QSR (Quality Services Review), the qualitative case review process designed to assess the functioning of DCS and the larger child welfare system by close review of individual cases.

Interested attorneys must become DCS volunteers and complete a one-hour computer based training session. The attorney then will be assigned as a shadow reviewer, working with a lead reviewer as part of a two person review team. If s/he would like to become a lead reviewer, the attorney would shadow two to three times and then could serve as a lead reviewer with the assistance of a coach. Once the attorney has acted as a lead reviewer under three different coaches, the QSR quality assurance team makes a decision based on the coaches’ recommendations about whether the individual is ready to lead on his or her own. Once a person becomes a lead reviewer, he or she must participate in QSR trainings during the summer and lead reviews on at least three cases per year to maintain lead reviewer status.

Each review is two full days. If the individual is a lead reviewer or is being coached to become a lead, he or she is required to write the QSR story on the case, which usually takes at least two hours. Contract provider employees are not allowed to review any case in which his/her agency has been involved, and a similar mechanism needs to be set in place so that attorney reviewers can avoid conflicts.

Private attorneys with an interest in reviewing cases for the Department’s QSR process can contact Misty Neeley at misty.neeley@tn.gov or 615-741-7833 or Stephanie Coleman at stephanie.m.coleman@tn.gov or 731-253-7065