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Posted by: Christy Gibson on Jul 12, 2013

Hello TBA Entertainment & Sports Law Section members! 

I’m looking forward to chairing the section this year and wanted to share a few thoughts on our plans for the upcoming year, opportunities to get involved, and other resources.

Plans for Entertainment & Sports Law Section in 2013-14:

Our main priority this year will be planning another excellent CLE next May.  We had terrific attendance this year and very strong content and look forward to continuing that trend.  We will also plan to host entertainment law clinics in the fall and spring to provide pro bono legal counsel to Nashville’s creative community. 

Opportunities to Get Involved:

·       Articles/Notes:While we don’t have a formal “newsletter,” we are always looking for people to contribute content such as a brief blurb about a recent legal development of interest to our Section or a link to helpful resource. 

·       Section webpage:  Our Section webpage has a news feed and we would love to have Section members contribute content to keep this interesting and relevant.  Also, if you have resources that you find extremely useful such as web sites, documents, etc., please send those to us and we can add them to the “Resources” portion of the webpage to assist other attorneys. Check it out for inspiration: https://www.tba.org/section/entertainment-and-sports-law-section.

·       Annual CLE:  We will need lots of great minds to help put together an excellent CLE this year.  Let me know if you might be interested in helping coordinate the CLE program, speaking on a panel, or just have a cool idea for a panel topic.

·       Webinar CLE:  The TBA office has the capability to do high-quality webinars.  If you have an idea for an entertainment or sports related topic, the staff can work with you to turn it into a webinar CLE.

·       Volunteer at a Clinic:  Keep an eye out for emails inviting you to volunteer at the fall or spring entertainment law clinic.  Volunteers meet with artists of all types to answer basic legal questions about copyrights, contracting and other topics.

Good TBA Resources to Know About:

·       All TBA Members have an online profile page with a bio and general info about you.  You should take this opportunity to update your TBA profile by logging in to your personal TBA account

·       TBA Talk is on online discussion forum on all manner of legal topics where you can post questions and discuss issues. Send your question or comment to tbalink-talk@tba2.org.

Casey Summar

TBA Entertainment & Sports Law Section Chair