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Posted by: Stacey Shrader Joslin on Jul 17, 2013

In a guest column in the Memphis Commercial Appeal today, TBA President Cindy Wyrick defends the state’s judicial selection system and corrects several mischaracterization made in a recent opinion piece from Washington, D.C., lawyer Stephen A. Vaden. Wyrick writes that the current system “provides a balance of accountability to the citizens and insulation from undue political influence and pressure, which are both very important to the selection of a well-qualified and diverse bench.” She also expresses opposition to a constitutional amendment that voters will consider in 2014. “If the … amendment … is adopted, a single individual — the governor — will be free to select whomever he wishes for the bench, without the input of anyone. The governor’s choice would then be subject to confirmation by the members of both houses of the General Assembly, which would certainly politicize the process.” Wyrick concludes by calling on readers to “contact their legislators and ask them to retain our merit selection system.”