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Posted by: Brittany Sims on Jul 18, 2013

Administrators from law schools across Tennessee offer their thoughts on declining law school enrollment in the current issue of the Nashville Ledger. Among them is Vanderbilt Law Dean Chris Guthrie, who told the publication that smaller class sizes will benefit today’s 1Ls several years down the road. “We’ll begin to see in 2015 that law schools collectively will be graduating fewer students, so that will help with whatever market imbalance may be in place,” he said. Some believe, however, that focusing on the number of lawyers misses an important point. “For a long time there’s been this notion among lawyers that law schools were generating ‘too many’ law grads,” TBA Executive Director  Allan Ramsaur said. “Lawyers are not a commodity, and it’s not just a certain number you need. You need the top graduates from a number of law schools to round out a bar and have it meet the needs of society. There has never been too many good lawyers or good law graduates.”