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Posted by: Suzanne Craig Robertson on Nov 1, 2013

Journal Issue Date: Nov 2013

Journal Name: November 2013 - Vol. 49, No. 11

In September, The Law Launch Project began following 15 members of the Class of 2014 as they wrap up law school and prepare to be lawyers. Let’s check in on what they’re saying. Read more at http://tbalawlaunch.wordpress.com

“Is the law really life?”

You can hardly attend a social function or legal gathering without hearing the same things again and again …
“no money in it anymore”… “law school will not prepare you for it”… “can’t get clients” …”can’t get paid by clients”…
“clients want too much from you.” And God forbid that the topic of LegalZoom or Rocket Lawyer come up.

Sometimes being in law school is like being in a beauty pageant.

Don’t accomplish your educational goals at the expense of family, friends and faith.
Finding that balance is a very fine line but the rewards are worth the effort.

The very nature of non-traditional career paths forces law students
and new lawyers to be more proactive and self-promoting.

That moment when you log in to your account and it is loading those grades makes me want to puke every time.

Networking need not be a scary or dreaded event.
In fact networking could, and should, be fun …
after all who doesn’t like making friends?

A group of people thrown into a pit of hell together will either
kill each other or
band together to fight the evil forces.
I think in law school it happens both ways.

I decided now was the time for me to start a second career in the legal arena
BECAUSE I saw the changes that were coming,
and think there is real opportunity in it for people with vision.

Great opportunities still exist despite the bleak outlook typically associated with these changes, and I am excited about my next steps.