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Posted by: Letters of the Law on Jan 1, 2014

Journal Issue Date: Jan 2014

Journal Name: January 2014 - Vol. 50, No. 1

This Is How You Do Pro Bono

Sue McClure, daughter of Memphis lawyer Paul J. McClure Jr., sent this letter along with her father’s obituary. Col. McClure died Nov. 6, 2013. Read his obituary and an article about him in the January 2009 TBJ.

… He had been doing pro bono work for low-income seniors for the past 11 years. In fact, Suzanne Craig Robertson did a beautiful piece on his pro bono work when he was 88. He died at 93, still serving others.

Daddy enjoyed reading the Tennessee Bar Journal and appreciated your hard work to keep Tennessee lawyers informed.

— Sue McClure, Spring Hill