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Posted by: Stacey Shrader Joslin on Mar 24, 2014

Metro Nashville attorneys on Friday argued against a media coalition's request for a speedy hearing of its appeal to gain access to records in a high-profile Vanderbilt University rape case. The coalition argues that the newsworthiness of the case, the fact that two defendants are scheduled to go to trial Aug. 11 and the upcoming election of a new district attorney justify an expedited appeal. Metro attorneys countered that the significance of the legal issues at stake, the importance of thoroughly briefing the court, the failure of appellants to pursue the matter for two months, and the need to preserve criminal court authority over criminal matter outweigh those concerns. Davidson County Chancery Court Judge Russell Perkins had ruled last week that some records related to the case should be made available under the Public Records Act, but put a stay on the order, pending an anticipated appeal.