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Posted by: Jenny Jones on Apr 28, 2014


Spring is finally here! Yay!

It is that time of the year again.  A time of renewal and hope.  Winter 2013 will definitely go into the archives as a record-breaking long, cold winter.  The “Arctic blast” came down in full force, lowering temperatures to levels perhaps not seen in decades.  For Solos, you probably had to deal with paying higher energy and other bills, eating into already thin profit margins.

So many things go to sleep in winter.  Even the trees shed their leaves and nature is perhaps dull and drab.  But come spring, and the cycle of life is renewed. Suddenly, trees put on new leaves. Spring flowers are beautiful and make our hearts glad.  All of nature awakens to the glorious sound of spring:  Birds chirp, sun shines, rain falls and the collective message is clear!  It’s time to get energized for a brand new season!

Our Section has been busy, as the TBA President, Cyndi Wyrick asked for our input into one of her initiatives: the “Solo-In-A-Box Project”.  This project will put various resources which a Solo or new attorney will need to develop a successful law practice, in one place.

In January, we attended the TBA Leadership Conference in Nashville.  One of the most notable presentations was from Josie Beets on “TBA Impact”.  We immediately put our training into practice, when we learned about the proposed Senate Bill 1484 which sought to eliminate two Circuit Court Divisions in Shelby County.  I wrote on behalf of our Section to Senator Brain Kelsey, who sponsored the bill, and to every legislator on the judiciary Committee of the State of Tennessee Legislature.

I am happy to report that this Bill has been killed for this year. I even got a letter from Senator Kelsey stating that he has decided not to pursue this Bill.  This proves one thing: we can individually and collectively make our voices heard.

Most Bills are passed because people do not make their Lawmakers aware of their opinions.  Your voice matters.  Your voice counts. Please go to “TBA Impact “on TBA website and see if there are any pending Bills that you would like to influence. Then call or send a letter or an email to your State Representative and other members of the House. TBA is also sponsoring a LAWPAC to make our voice as an association stronger, and you may contribute to LAWPAC through the TBA website. 

Our Section is scheduled to hold its annual CLE in August.  Dates are August 14-16, 2014 in Nashville, August 8, 2014 in Memphis and August 22, 2014 in Knoxville.  We are in the process of getting speakers for these events.  If you are interested in presenting a CLE, please contact me, Jenny Jones or Lauren Hopper at the TBA.

Finally, being a Solo can be an isolating experience, especially if you practice alone.  Please take advantage of the “TBA Link”.  It is such a wonderful and helpful resource where you can post questions and have the benefit of so many attorneys giving their opinion and advice.  For example, when Sharon Frankenberg asked a question about eBook publication, she got a response from Cyn Mobley.  It turns out that Cyn is a best-selling author and publisher, a retired Navy Commander, a Karate expert and dog lover! Since I just wrote a book titled ”Weapons of Praise & Worship", I quickly linked up with Cyn.  We exchanged emails, and like I told her, I learned more about book publishing, sales and marketing in one day by emailing her, than I have in several years!  I encourage you to take advantage of this wonderful resource.

I wish you a beautiful spring season and may your law practice grow in leaps and bounds!

Please find below some recent cases that may be useful to your law practice:

Michael S. Becker et al v. Ford Motor Company –No M2013-02546-SC-R23-CV

Edith Johnson et al v. Mark C. Hopkins et al- M2012-02468-SC-S09-CV

Andrew K. Armbrister v. Melissa H. Armbrister -E 2012 -0018-SC R11-CV

Best wishes,

Salu Abimbola