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Posted by: Jenny Jones on Apr 29, 2014

This has been a busy time for the TBA Elder Law Section.  We recently finalized hot topics and confirmed well-respected speakers for our annual CLE that is set for July 17 - 18 at the AT&T Building in Nashville.  This year's event expands to add a half-day of learning on July 17 to cover elder law basics for practitioners new to elder law or for the practitioner who wants a refresher.  On July 18, we offer a full day of programming from leading experts in the field covering topics appropriate for both the new and experienced elder law practitioner.  The Section will also host a lunch Section meeting open to the members of the Section.  Mark your calendar now to attend this exciting and informative CLE.  We hope to see you there. Being an active member in the section helps you get more out of your membership and helps other members benefit from what you have to contribute to the conversation about elder law.

I also wanted to remind members if you are not already signed up and participating in the Section's listserv, you should join this electronic forum right away.  Members that subscribe to this forum are able to ask about and respond to a variety of practice questions in a collaborative atmosphere.  If you are facing a complicated elder law issue for the first time, rest assured someone on the listserv has insights to share with you, but you have to join the conversation.   Please contact Jenny Jones at jjones@tnbar.org if you would like to subscribe to our popular and active TBA Elder Law Section listserv.

A word of thanks to King Self for leading the Section this past bar year as chair.  King stepped up last year to serve as our section leader and he brought lively discussions and issues to the fore with humor and his usual good nature.  King has done an outstanding job in leading us and I am honored to follow in his footsteps.  As your Chair for next year, I welcome your suggestions for ways this Section might better serve you in your practice, welcome your involvement if you would like to find a way to participate in the Section, and thank you for being a member of the TBA Elder Law Section.

Best wishes,

Amelia Crotwell, Chair