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Posted by: Stacey Shrader Joslin on Jun 30, 2014

President Barack Obama vowed Monday to bypass Congress and pursue unilateral changes to the country's immigration system, Fox News reports. The president said he is forced to go it alone because the House has failed to act on a comprehensive overhaul. In a written statement, House Speaker John Boehner called the announcement "sad and disappointing," and said executive orders "can't and won't fix these problems." Obama’s actions today direct the attorney general and director of Homeland Security to move "available resources" to the border and ask a team to "identify additional actions” he can take within existing legal authorities. Those recommendations are due back by the end of the summer.

The president also wrote to congressional leaders today asking for more flexibility to deal with the surge of undocumented immigrant children along the border, increased penalties for those who smuggle vulnerable immigrants and emergency funding to deter additional border crossings.