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Posted by: Kreis White & Christy Gibson on Jul 25, 2014

LINDA LASETER, Individually and on behalf of her deceased mother, ALICE H. CORR v. J. MARTIN REGAN, JR., in his capacity as Personal Representative of the ESTATE OF FERNANDO HERRERA, M.D.
Court: TN Court of Appeals


Al H. Thomas, Aaron L. Thomas, Memphis, Tennessee, for the appellant, Linda Laseter, Individually and on behalf of her deceased mother, Alice H. Corr

Katherine M. Anderson, Hugh Francis, David M. Cook, Albert G. McLean, Memphis, Tennessee, for the appellee, J. Martin Regan, Jr., in his capacity as Personal Representative of the Estate of Fernando Herrera, M.D.


This appeal involves a defendant’s attempts to discover certain financial information from the plaintiff’s medical expert in order to facilitate an inquiry into potential bias. The trial court entered several orders requiring the expert witness to provide the requested financial information, which related to his income and compensation, but the expert witness repeatedly failed to comply with the trial court’s orders. The trial court also ruled that the defendant would be permitted to question the expert witness about certain financial information during cross-examination at trial, and the expert witness communicated to the trial judge that he would refuse to answer any such questions. The trial court eventually excluded the medical expert as a witness and allowed the plaintiff time to find a replacement expert. When the plaintiff failed to identify another expert witness within the time allowed, the trial court dismissed the complaint. The plaintiff appeals. We affirm.

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