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Posted by: Stacey Shrader Joslin on Jul 31, 2014

At the YLD Board Meeting in June, the group adopted two amendments to the division’s Diversity Plan. The first amendment added the category of “persons with disabilities” to the plan’s definition of a diverse individual. With that change, the YLD now is tasked with actively recruiting persons with disabilities to join the membership and leadership of the organization; promoting the inclusion of persons with disabilities in the YLD; assessing bias against persons with disabilities in the state; and encouraging law school enrollment by persons with disabilities. The change also means that the YLD Diversity Survey now will ask members if they consider themselves to be persons with disabilities.

The second amendment reduced the frequency of the YLD Diversity Survey from being conducted annually to being conducted every other year. The Diversity Committee proposed this amendment based on comments received from the YLD membership. The survey was last conducted in 2012 so look for information on this year’s edition soon.

Download the revised plan.